Who Can Advertise on FakeBullion.com?

We welcome coin and bullion dealers, manufacturers and mints, related community websites and blogs, and any other family-friendly businesses or organizations that may be of interest to the users of this website.  Build name recognition and trust with your potential customers by sponsoring this website and demonstrating that you want your customers to know how to recognize counterfeits!

FakeBullion.com does not accept advertising from any business or organization with known product quality or customer service issues.  This may include (but is not limited to):  substandard quality products, delivery times consistently longer than advertised, knowingly selling or allowing the sale of counterfeit goods, and any other practice deemed undesirable by FakeBullion.com LLC.  FakeBullion.com LLC reserves the right to reject any banner, link, or advertiser for any reason.


How to get Started?

FakeBullion.com utilizes software that allows our advertises to manage their own ads.  Upload as many different banners as you like, create multiple campaigns, and spend as much or as little as needed to meet your traffic goals.

NOTE: You may need to disable ad-blockers in your browser to view and use the ad management part of the website.

Step 1:  Register as an advertiser - your account must be reviewed and approved before you can upload ads.
Step 2:  Add banners - upload your banner images, which must also be reviewed and approved.
Step 3:  Start a campaign - select a click package and which of your banners you would like to run.  Pause or edit your campaign at any time.
Step 4:  View reports - see which ads are driving traffic to your site.  Your ads continue to run until all of the clicks in your campaign are used!


What Does it Cost?

Click here to view currently available advertising packages.  FakeBullion.com utilizes a Pay-Per-Click structure, so you know exactly how much traffic you will get for your money!  The more clicks you buy at one time, the lower the cost per click.


Banner Guidelines

Banners must be .jpg or .gif files, 234 x 60 pixels in size.  Animated .gif files are allowed, but the animation must not be distracting (i.e. no rapid flashing).  All banners are subject to the approval of the FakeBullion.com Advertising team and my be rejected for any reason.  If you need help creating or uploading your first banner, email ads 'at' fakebullion.com for assistance.

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