Johnson-Matthey 1 Ounce Silver Bar

Notable Differences

  1. Genuine Johnson-Matthey bars have a stamped serial number on the front of the bar.  This box is most commonly left blank on counterfeit bars, or may have a laser-etched serial number instead of a stamped serial number.
  2. The counterfeit bar has an extra partial logo box along the top edge that is not present on the genuine bar.  NOTE:  Some older genuine Johnson-Matthey bars do have this partial logo box, but the modern production bars stocked by most dealers today do not have this partial logo.

Discussion & Detection

This counterfeit Johnson-Matthey bar very closely matches the genuine bar dimensions, with the exception of being noticeably thicker than a genuine bar.  The raised lettering has a slightly more matte finish on the fake bar, but is still a close match.  The most obvious visual indicator is the lack of a serial number (or a laser-etched serial number instead of a stamped serial number).  The extra partial logo box on the back of the bar is also a warning to very carefully test the bar, as this partial logo is only present on some older genuine bars, and is not present on the majority of genuine bars on the market today.  The fake is very convincing, but easily detected by the Precious Metal Verifier.

Additional Info

  • Brand: Johnson-Matthey
  • Metal: Silver
  • Shape: Bar
  • Nominal Weight: 1 Troy Ounce
  • Genuine Weight (g): 31.31
  • Counterfeit Weight (g): 32.91
  • Genuine Width (mm): 29.13
  • Counterfeit Width (mm): 28.61
  • Genuine Length (mm): 50.11
  • Counterfeit Length (mm): 50.00
  • Genuine Thickness (mm): 2.30
  • Counterfeit Thickness (mm): 3.00
  • Genuine Edge Type: Smooth
  • Counterfeit Edge Type: Smooth
  • Genuine Material: 999 Silver
  • Counterfeit Material: Silver Plated, Brass Core

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