Here's a great look at a very convincing counterfeit 2009 Canadian 1 Ounce Gold Maple in a counterfeit NGC slab, courtesy of Market Harmony LLC.  Market Harmony is an NGC and PCGS authorized dealer, ANA member, and trusted buyer and seller of numismatics, bullion, and scrap precious metals.  Check out the Market Harmony coin and bullion shop near Pittsburgh, PA and online at


Chinese counterfeiters have unveiled new Pamp Suisse gold bars in "VeriScan" packaging in 1 ounce and 5 gram sizes, along with a 1 ounce APMEX gold bar in assay card.  We expect the new counterfeit gold to start arriving in the United States and elsewhere by the end of November 2016.

Last month we shared photos of improved counterfeit Perth Mint gold bars in very convincing assay cards in the forum (a special feature available only to Supporting Members), and warned that improved Pamp Suisse counterfeits were probably not far behind.

Counterfeit Perth Gold BarsCounterfeit Perth Mint gold bars have been circulating for over a year, including bars packaged in counterfeit green assay cards matching the previous generation of Perth Mint products.  Now a new version matching current-production black tamper-evident cases is available from Chinese sellers, and they are difficult to detect, even with specialized equipment.

It's a question (or perhaps an accusation) we fully expected, and it's not without merit.  Doesn't this website, with how-to articles and side-by-side comparisons, also help the counterfeiters?

The short answer is:  maybe a little, BUT...

(and there are a lot of "buts")

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