PCGS President Don Willis introduces the newest PCGS coin holder and talks about how technology is being utilized to fight counterfeiters.

counterfeit factory

High silver and gold prices and record bullion sales in the early 2010s ushered in a revolution (for the worse) in counterfeit bullion manufacturing.  Combined with the prevalence of online shopping and popular peer-to-peer selling platforms, counterfeit bullion is a growing problem that won't be going away any time soon.

COLLINGDALE, PA - Police in Collingdale are trying to get an alleged scam artist off of the street.

Investigators say he claims to be selling solid bars of silver, when they are actually fakes.

HARRINGTON, DE - A 36-year-old Camden woman is charged with two counts of theft after allegedly selling fake gold bars in a Harrington pawn shop.

GRASS VALLEY, CA - A local gold dealer has been charged with a total of 32 counts of possessing and selling counterfeit gold and three counts of financial elder abuse so far — with even more alleged victims coming forward since the news first broke of the arrest of Gregory Arnoldi, the owner of Grass Valley Gold and Silver.

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